Thursday, June 30, 2005


We are packing and packing and packing without seeing the end of it. We are supposed to be out of this place by 1pm this afternoon, that is, in a mere 12 hours, but the movers won't arrive before 2:00, at best... Which is kind of good for us as we are far from ready. Considering that we still need to sleep a few hours, I really can use the delay. We shall see, or rather, hear what the building manager will say about it!

Then, we'll have to wait for our new home to be free. I am not expecting to get the keys before 7:00pm.

Chiung-Wen is doing her fair share of the work despite her big tummy. She tires quickly tough. I am doing less than I could, because of a bad back that has been hurting me for the past 3 days.

Anyway, for those who wonder, we are getting a new phone number. I'll update those who need to know by e-mail. For the others, ask those who know! Meanwhile, you can contact us by e-mail as that does not change.

Time to go pack a few boxes.


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