Sunday, July 24, 2005

As a proof that we are doing well I offer you this picture of us on July 15 at a friend's wedding.


Joop said...

Hello Laurent, it is only a few more weeks. Hope that all is going well.

Best regards,
Joop Reijenga.

Laurent said...

Indeed Joop, only 4 weeks to go. Everything is going well althgouht we can't seem to slow down our pace. The place is almost ready to welcome Baby and we are really wondering how he will look like!

Joop said...

Good to hear Laurent. I can imagine that you are both starting to become impatient, I know that I did with our kids.

I will check up here for news ofcourse but I would like to hear from you if he is born before I noticed it over here :)

You can reach me using my blog if you want at

Best regards,