Saturday, September 10, 2005

Life is so simple

After having cooked a nice dish of Spaghetti with one of my secret cream sauce I finally have time and mood to seat down and reflect on the existence of Ka.
Actually if I was to do that, it'd probably mean that Ka is nothing more than a keyboard and screen wih a few electrons going the wrong way in between. For those who believe in Ka, it is probably much more than that. For those who don't know what Ka is, just read Stephen King's Dark Tower series. :-) Life is so simple!

As I am sitting at my desk typing this post and seeping a glass of Grey Monk Latitude 50, one of those very pleasant BC wines, I cannot help noticing that our beautiful Province actually makes some very nice an decent wines. The Okanagan Valley is surely not the banks of the Gironde but it is learning! Life is so simple!

Anyway, wine seems to un-rust my fingers!

Interstingly enough I was awaken this morning (12h30 is still morning, right?) by my delightful little cousin Alix. She was calling me from the one event I was really sad about missing this year: my (other) cousin Xavier wedding with a Taiwanese girl that he met at my own wedding 2 years ago. Life is so simple!

Alix called because she was sitting next to the bride's brother. She was placed there because she is the one in the family who's most able to speak English. This is fine as long as one assumes that the brother, who will have to forgive me as I do not know his name, also speaks English. Which was the assumption made. Turns out that Brother's English (sip some more!) seems limited to 3 words: 'yes', 'yes' and 'no'; tough to start a conversation. That or he had been forewarned against those hungry French girls! Life is so simple!

Anyway, Alix called because she was looking for a few Chinese expressions in order to break the ice and jump start the conversation. After all, she is a French girl and wouldn't leave that married Taiwanese guy alone so easily! I tried a few advises of mine but they were probably not suitable for a family gathering. So it ended up with Chiung-Wen giving a crash course in Chinese to my cousin over a 10000km phone conversation (talk about long distance calls). Life is so simple!

After that moment that I found particularly hilarious, we all went - that is, Chiung-Wen, her parents and I; my cousin remained at the wedding in France, of course - walking up and around Burnaby Mountain. A big name for a big hill and no pictures as I simply forgot my camera. The idea is to let Chiung-Wen move around a lot and encourage baby Lucas to come out. A Good view and fresh air should be encouragement enough! We'll probably do it again tomorrow. A succulent ice cream followed by my ever so succulent pastas, what's better to finish the day? Ha, yes, a glass of white wine and writing a blog post. Life is so simple!

I'll go pour myself another glass. Life is so simple!

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